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Cambox ISI3: The new generation of embedded cameras dedicated to the equestrain sport & Made in France.

Technical Characteristics
The Cambox ISI3 allows the rider to relive their ride with both image and sound while also sharing the moment with family and friends, on Facebook, Youtube etc.
From a more technical view point, it also gives the rider the ability to debrief his or her ride and thus correct any mistakes in trajectory, placement, glance, stride ... 
Finally, it allows the rider's coach to truly monitor their ride. By positioning the camera under the visor of the rider's cap, the coach can see from the rider's perspective. This allows them to give direct feedback through an earpiece.

The ISI3 is delivered with :
1 microSD memory card (16, 32 ou 64 Go)
1 microSD card reader / USB
1 cloth cover
1 USB 2.0 cord
1 Velcro attachment
1 microfibrer cloth
1 instruction manuel 
1 smartphone application

Ultra discreet, light & compact!
The Cambox ISI3 allows for filming in total discretion, total security and in total respect for the dress regulations!
 : only 40 GRAMS!
 : only 168 mm. A true technological concentration designed with a curved shell, the Cambox ISI3 has an ideal width to be installed under the visor of your helmet. 
Thickness : only 15 mm. This thin design allows the camera to be placed just under the visor and above your line of vision, without disturbing your sight. 

Ultra flexible & precise!
2 rotating arms that can be rotated up to 35 °! This patented design, easily allows the rider to attach the camera to any type of visor: bent, rounded, soft, rigid, a helmet or even a baseball cap! 

Integrated lens on a joint tilting ball with a vertical axis of -5° to 35° !
The adjustable lens allows you to precise your desired angle of view !
This system therefore meets 3 major objectives :

1 > Choose your ideal angle in order to avoid the tip of your visor obstructing the camera's view.
2 > Obtain optimal viewing angle in accordance with your morphology and that of your horses.
3 > To favor a particular viewing angle (different horizons between 1 or 4 hitched horses, or the practice of jumping, polo, horseball ...).

Ultra simple & Wifi enabled! 
One button to control all the cameras functionalities! 
The button is raised for easy handling even when wearing gloves !
Simply press for 3 seconds to turn the camera on or off. In order to stop or record a new video, just press for a short 1 second.
NEW with the ISI3 : a vibrating motor allows the user to be informed when the camera is on or off.  

WIFI embedded for use with the new application "Cambox Capture and Share", available in Apple Store and Google Play.
Access your videos from your smartphone.
Get a real-time visual of the cameras view and angle.
Start recording a video.
Change the settings and filters of your camera directly in the application: sound level, exposure, video's definition, ect....

Ultra Made in France! 

The Cambox ISI2 is composed of more than 80% of components manufactured and assembled in France (manufactured in Nantes)!
From the design stage all the way to manufacturing, the Cambox ISI2 provides both direct and indirect jobs on our national territory.
In addition, this proximity ensures you fast and efficient service in case of problem.

Quality HD video

The most uniform product possible while offering the best compromise : 
quality of the videos + file size + compatibility + budget = FULLHD 1080

FULLHD 1080 P - Sony Lens
> Resolution of 1280 * 720 pixels
> Video capture of 5 million pixels
> MP4 format
> 30 images / seconds

Adjustable camera angle

This is certainly one of the strengths of the product, which is protected by many patents. It was necessary to imagine a system that allowed the lens to be tilted in accordance to the type of helmet or riding hat, that could be adjusted to a rider's position or morphology and finally to allow the user to favor a certain angle of view. The 170 wide-angle lens allows for a panoramic image while limiting deformations.

> Large angle panoramic lens 170 °
> Lens on a vertically tilting pivot 40 °
> Adjustment of the viewing angle with 2 screws

HD Microphone

> Built-in microphone with filter
> High definition that can record your breathing!

Built-In Battery

> Lithium-ion battery
> Battery life about 1 H 30
> Charging via USB or charger 220 V
> Option : External battery that allows you to recharge up to 5 times before recharging the external unit. 

Capacité mémoire

> Micro SD memory card slot
> Capacity from 16GB up to 64GB *
> Adapter included*

* optional depending on model

Indicating Lights

> Fixed and audible warning light
> Flashing indicator light
> Battery indication and battery status
> Indication of operation


> With self-adhesive velcro attachment system


> Charge the battery via USB
> Transfer & playback your videos
> Delivered with USB chord + charger 220V / USB

Optional text on the camera 
Write the text of your choice on the camera's box. Up to 30 character (spaces included). 
The text must be sent to us by e-mail once the order has been validated.
Marquage texte cambox Mon-Cheval.fr 

Discover the Cambox ISI3 in action !

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